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Ayalur Parthasarathy Temple

Ayalur Parthasarathy temple is located in the same compound of Ayalur Shiva temple. The shrine is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The shrine is more than 500 years old. There is an interesting story about the temple which states that the Parthasarathy murti worshipped here was to be consecrated in Nemmara temple.

The murtis of Parthasarathy and Navaneetha Krishnan was made by the same sculpture. Parthasarathy was meant to be consecrated in Nemmara temple and Navaneetha Krishnan at Ayalur temple. But there was a mix up in the last moment when the murtis were being taken to the respective place.

Parthasarathy reached Ayalur and Navaneetha Krishnan reached Nemmara. People considered it was the divine will and the murtis were installed as such.

Navratri is the most important festival in the temple. On each day of the Navratri a particular street near the temple is lit with lamps. There is also a unique sharing of prasadam known as panku during the festival.

Ayalur Parthasarathy Temple Timings
Ayalur Parthasarathy is open for darshan in the morning hours from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
Evening darshan hours is from 5:00 PM to 7:15 PM