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You Need To Realize Not Search

It is a huge mistake to think that in some future time we are going to get something. It is a mistake because we are already there and so there is no point of ‘that’ arriving or waiting for ‘that.’ There is no need to search you just need to realize that you are That which you are searching.

An unfulfilled mind is always searching for something. But there is not going to be any time in future when you will be fulfilled out of search. You will only be fulfilled the day you realize there is no separation anywhere. Only the truth shall make you free.

The search for realization is like going around and around on the wheel or like a dog chasing its tail. You can go from one teacher to another in search of truth. But then one day you will put an end to all search and simply sit and realize that You are That.

All this concepts of me and time are just concepts without any independent nature. They have nothing to do with realization. They are concepts that confuse you and drag you in the wrong direction.

The search is for the body and the mind. As long as you feel that you are the body or the mind you are never going to know the truth. Realization happens when you drop the body and the mind.

If you investigate the body or mind or the person or I am or I am born, you will find out that this is an appearance only. The body, birth, death, mind etc are mere concepts. When you go deep into a search you will soon realize that there is no center from where all these concepts are jumping out. All these things are coming out of an invalid reference point.

True nature remains untouched of all concepts. This is because concepts have no independent existence. The truth was always there before the body mind concept and it will be there even after the body and mind perishes.

Abhilash Rajendran