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Patan Lalitpur Degu Taleju Temple – Nepal – Degutale Temple

Patan Lalitpur Degu Taleju Temple, also known as Degutale temple is located at the east side of Durbar Square in Patan, Nepal. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Taleju, the patron goddess of the Malla kings. This is a center for Goddess worship. Lalitpur is sometimes referred to as Patan.

There is a tall pillar erected in front of the temple by Yoga Narendra Malla (1684-1705), with a depiction of the king in brass with several of his queens offering prayers to the deity. They kneel in prayer under the shade of a rearing cobra topped by a bird finial.

The temple was first built during the 16th century CE and since then it has undergone several additions and renovations.

The sanctum sanctorum is secretive place and there is not much information about the deities in the main sanctum.

The temple is has three roofs. The temple seems to have nearly nine stories of various heights. The temple is an amalgamation of brick and wood. Sculptures can be seen on the wooden supporting structures of the shrine. There are also intricate carvings. The temple sculptures include Shivling and various other Shaiva symbols.