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Panauti Brahmayani Temple – Nepal – Festival

Panauti Brahmayani temple is located at Panauti in Nepal. The shrine lies on the banks of Punyamata River within the Tribeni Ghats – confluence of three rivers. The shrine is dedicated Goddess Brahmayani – one of the Ashta Matrikas (eight Mother Goddesses).

The temple has three tiers of roofs. As the shrine is located at the edge of a forest and is not without proper walls, the original murti was stolen in the 1960s. A new murti is worshiped in the temple and for safety, the murti is kept in another temple in Panauti. During festive days and important ritual days, the murti is brought to the temple. The shrine now has stone images and thrown of the deity.

Goddess Brahmayani participates in the Panauti Jatra Festival along with three other deities worshipped in the surrounding temples. Goat if offered to the deity on the fourth day of the nine-day festival.

On the fourth day evening, the murtis of both Goddess Brahmayani and Goddess Bhadrakali cross the river and reach the Brahmayani temple. The ceremony is known as dwica nyakeguy for Goddess Brahmayani is held in the shrine and this involves Tantric rituals and rites.

The murti of Goddess Bhadrakali is brought in her own chariot and the murti is installed temporarily in the main sanctum sanctorum along with Goddess Brahmayani. The belief is that Goddess Brahmayani is the elder sister of Goddess Bhadrakali. Next day early morning hours, around 4:00 AM, special Tantric rituals are performed for both the deities in secrecy.

The temple has beautiful wooden sculptures and carvings.