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Muktabai Teachings And Quotes

A small collection of quotes and teachings of Muktabai

Words cannot hold him (bhagavan) yet in him (bhagavan) all words are.

Bhagavan (God) is not far away from he whose mind has been purified.

First step to salvation is devotion.

An ascetic is pure in mind and forgives the offences of people.

If the world is hot as fire owing to exasperation, a sage should with pleasure be cool as water.

If people hurt them with weapons of words, saints should treat those remarks as pieces of advice.

This universe is a single piece of cloth woven with the one thread of Brahman.

Though he has no form my eyes saw him, his glory is fire in my mind that knows his secret inner form invented by the soul. What is beyond the mind has no boundary. In it our senses end.

Where darkness is gone I live, where I am happy. I am not troubled by coming and going, I am beyond all vision, above all spheres. His spirit lives in my soul. Mukta says: He is my heart's only home.

Muktabai along with her brothers Nivruttinath, Jnanadeva (Dnyaneshwar) and Sopandev led a crusade against empty ritualism and propagated the ideals of true knowledge and enlightened detachment.