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Dreaming Of Guard Dogs – Meaning

Dreaming of guard dogs is both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dream of guard dogs and you wake up terrified then it is associated with death and suffering. It also means sudden physical attack or loss due to injury. Dreams of guard dogs and you are happy means protection and help from people in power and authority.

Dreaming of guard dogs chasing you means you will see return of old problems. A secret of yours will be exposed. You might face embarrassing situations.

If you see angry or barking guard dogs in dream naturally (that is not after watching, listening or reading etc) then it means you will be facing health issues, relationship trouble and death like situation in near future.

Dreaming of fighting away guard dogs means you will make enemies soon. It also means your friends or relatives might turn against you.

Dreams of having guard dogs as pets or you feeding them means protection and stability.