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Dreaming Of Gardening – Meaning

Dreaming of gardening is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means change of lifestyle. It also means you will realize that your current life is not making you happy. Dreams of gardening mean positive change in life and new friends and ideas.

Dream of gardening means better health and new found love or new relationship. The dream also means positive changes in life.

Dreaming of gardening and you have not seen the place before means change of location. It also means you might abandon city life and go to a calmer and green place.

Dream of gardening and you wake up terrified or sad means health issues. You will be advised to take up physical work or intense exercise.

Dreams of gardening and you wake up happy means you will achieve success or you will join a new group.

Dream of gardening in a known place is associated with making using of already available resources for a new income or furthering your hobby.