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Dreaming Of Feces On Floor – Meaning

Dreaming of feces on floor is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means there will unpleasant or shameful or embarrassing incident in near future. It is a kind of warning for you to be careful and avoid doing unethical or illegal things. Dreams of feces also mean sudden problems with neighbors or due to dead animals in your property.

Dream of feces on floor and you know the place means you will face scandal or you will be framed. You will be made to answer for something you have not done.

Dreams of feces on floor in an unknown place mean you will face trouble from opposite sex. You might be mistaken for someone else.

Dreaming of feces on floor and you stamping on it means you might be part of an incident that will cause embarrassment.

Dream of feces on floor and you see it getting cleaned means you will soon find relief to an ongoing problem.

Always note that the dream should happen naturally and it should not be extension of what has happened on the day – in this case like an incident involving feces. Dreams that happen without any influence of the activities of daytime have great significance and meaning. Such dreams should not be ignored.