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Bhaktapur Dattatreya Temple – Nepal

Bhaktapur Dattatreya temple is located, at the east end of the Tachapal Tol, on the east side of Bhaktapur in Nepal. The shrine is dedicated to Dattatreya – a combined manifestation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Prominence is given to Vaishnava rituals and pujas.

The shrine was built during the 15th century CE and modified to the present status in 1849 CE. The shrine is three-tiered pagoda style temple with intricate carvings and wood work.

The temple was built during the wood of a single tree. The temple is located on the spot where a famous Sage attained Samadhi – he entered into his burial place while alive.

Some people believe that the temple was originally a place for Saiva saints to take rest during their pilgrimage and was later modified into a temple.

A conch and discus are mounted on pillars outside the entrance of the temple. A gilded Garuda (vehicle of Bhagavan) is mounted on a tall pole in front of the temple. There are also numerous other Hindu sculptures and figurines in wood, stone and metal in the temple courtyard.