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The Easiest Path To Atma Darshanam – Realisation Of The Self

Sri Ramana Maharshi explains the easiest path to atma darshanam – the realization of the Self.

Of all the methods of dedicating oneself to Paramatman (the Supreme Being), the easiest and the best method is the repetition of the mantra of one’s own chosen deity.

Japa promotes a constant flow of loving prayer from within for inner illumination. This wakes up a subtle thirst that steadily increases, leading to a strong current of continuous yearning for the Divine, known as vyakulata. When this yearning develops into deep absorption (dhyana), Divinity reveals itself from within. This is Atma-darshanam.

In brief, Sri Ramana Maharishi explained that the aspirant first repeats the mantra out loud with all possible diligence and devotion. Then, as his or her loving attitude intensifies, the repetition gradually becomes internalized. As the body, senses and mind get purified and become free from their selfish nature, the whole being gets tuned to the Divine. The power of the mantra enters into every nook and cranny of the individual.

The aspirant becomes mantramaya (filled with the spiritual power of the mantra), in and through all activities. One’s life gets transformed into a continuous offering to Bhagavan, without any attachment remaining to the results of one’s actions.  As one dives deep within, the mind dissolves into the Self, and all distinctions between bhakta (devotee), Bhagavan (God) and Bhagavata (sacred text) vanish in divine illumination.