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Important 64 Yoginis Temples in India

The 64 yoginis are holy women with yogic powers or female attendants of Shiva or Durga. They are worshipped as Goddesses in Hindu religion. Here are some of the important 64 yoginis temple in India.

Usually the yogini temples were situated in remote places for tantric rituals. Metaphorically they may suggest that the difficulty in finding out the remotely built temples indicate that the sadhaka, a spiritual aspirant, has to accept difficulties and obstacles in aiming for tantric sadhana. This desertion in and around the location sometimes gave rise to superstitions and wrong concepts regarding tantric sadhana.

  1. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh; ninth century. Belongs to Chandel Dynasty. All shrine cells and murtis of Goddesses are ruined. Only Brahmani, Maheshwari, and Hingalaja or Mahishasuramardini are remaining.
  2. Morena, Mitawali, Madhya Pradesh; eleventh century. Belongs to the Kachhapaghata dynasty; built by King Devapala, vassal of the Chandelas.
  3. Badoh, Gadarmal Matru Mandir, Madhya Pradesh; ninth century.
  4. Dudhahi, Uttar Pradesh; eleventh century Brahma temple.
  5. Ranipur-Jharial, Titlagarh, Odisha; ninth or tenth century. Built during the reign of Somvanshi Keshari kings.
  6. Hirapur, Odisha; ninth century. Built by Queen Hiradevi of Brahma dynasty.