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How Images Of Navagrahas Are To Be Made For Graha Shanti?

Graha Shanti is done in Hinduism to overcome afflictions caused by Navagrahas. Sage Parasara describes how the images of Navagrahas may be propitiated by worship. He prescribes the specifications or the images to be made for worship.

The image of Surya is to be made of copper, that of Chandra in sphaika (a kind of stone), of Mangal in red sandal, Budh and Guru (Brihaspati) in gold, Shukra in silver, Shani in iron, Rahu in lead and Ketu in brass.

Alternatively, the figures of the various planets may be sketched on a silk cloth of the colors ascribed to them – sun – copper; moon – white; mars – red; mercury – green; Jupiter – yellow; venus – white; saturn – black, rahu – dark blue and ketu spotted with the paste of sandal.