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Who Is Goddess Dakshina In Hinduism? - Information About Goddess Dakshina

Goddess Dakshina is identified with Goddess Lakshmi in some Hindu traditions. Dakshina is the act of giving and it is believed that Goddess Shri (Lakshmi) will always bless a person who performs charity without any desires. She symbolically represents sacrifice and protects those devotees who sacrifice without expecting any favors in return.

As per several Puranas, Dakshina was the daughter of Prajapati Ruchi and Akuti. She married Yajna (sacrifice) and they had twelve sons who were known as Yamas.

Another legend has it that Dakshina was born when Sri Krishna was on earth. She was called Sushila. She lived in Vrindavan and loved Krishna just like Radha. It is said that a jealous Radha cursed her. Sushila then mediated on Goddess Lakshmi and got absorbed in her.

But when Dakshina became a part of Goddess Lakshmi, gods and humans did not get results for their sacrifice.

Therefore, Devas asked Goddess Lakshmi to withdraw Dakshina from her. Goddess Dakshina then married Yajna Purusha. They then had a child named Phalada (fruits). Phalada provides fruits for all actions.