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Trikandiyur Shiva Temple Tirur – Information – History – Shakti Puja

Trikandiyur Shiva temple, also known as Thrikkandiyur Mahadeva temple, is located at Trikkandiyur, around 2 km south of Tirur in Malappuram district, Kerala. The Shivling pratishta here was done by Parashurama. The darshanam of Trikkandiyoor Shiva is towards east.

The temple has a Gaja Prishta Sreekovil (sanctum in the shape of the back side of an elephant). The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Parashurama, Vishnu, Anthimahakalan and Vettaikaran. Ambala Kulangara Bhagavathi located near the temple is believed to be the daughter of Shiva.

Ezhunnallathu by elephants are not allowed in the temple as there is Parashurama prathishta.

The 8-day annual festival concludes with arattu on Karutha Vavu or no moon day in Thulam month. During the festival, Shiva goes in procession to Bhandara Kavil temple. The Goddess worshipped here is believed be the wife of Shiva.

Shiva returns at night itself but enters the temple early morning after the performance of punyaham ritual.

Trikandiyur Shiva Temple History

As per history, the temple was built in 823 CE by Cheraman Perumal. The temple was first managed by 48 Mussath families who were together known as Shivadiwjanambi. Later it came under the control of Alathiyoor Namboothiri Sabha. The temple was taken over by Vettathu King. When the Vettathu royal family became extinct, the temple was hand over to Samoothiri by British East India Company.

The temple was destroyed by Tipu Sultan. The temple was the rebuilt by Mandayapurathu Krishna Menon. Help towards rebuilding was provided by Vella Namboothiri of Panniyoor and Hydrose Kutty of Chavakkad.

Trikandiyur Shiva Temple Pond Story

It is said that the temple pond and the land around the temple complex are equal in size. The temple pond which is 3.5 acres in size was dug by Mangada Thampuran. It is said that Mangada Vellatharakottaram at Angadipuram was burned down by Shiva. The pond was dug to pacify Shiva.

Trikandiyur Shiva Temple Shakti Puja During Mandala Kalam

During Mandala Kalam (November – December), Shakti puja is held in the temple. During this period of 41 days (November 16 to December 27), the temple opens at 2 AM. The doors of Sreekovil are closes and then Shakti Puja is performed from 3:00 AM to 4:30 AM. It is mandatory that the puja should be performed by the Tantri.