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God Is Within Everyone – Anandamayi Ma - Collection Of Wisdom

A collection of wisdom of Anandamayi Ma.

There is a great book of life. To one who has dived deep into it all truths of Science, philosophy and allied subjects never remain unexplored.

God is within everyone, but man goes out in search of Him. This is what constitutes God's Play and God's Creation.

I am ever present with you all, but you have little yearning to see me. What am I to do? Know it for certain I have my eyes fixed on what you do or fail to do.

You all love this body so much that you often come to see me, unmindful of the long distance that many of you have to travel. Yet, it is true that this body has no relationship with any of you except the kinship of the Atma which this body enjoys equally not only with each of you but even with all trees, creepers and the foliage around, as well as with rocks, mountains, and everything else.

It is but the self that calls itself, and none other than the self that realizes itself.

Relative happiness, that is to say, happiness depending on the fulfillment of any worldly desire, ends in grief.

God, Himself, appears as the guru. He has to be invoked, full of faith.

It is the will of the Almighty that prevails. By living in harmony with His will and becoming an instrument in His hands you should try to realize Him.

Bond and hatred result from the feeling of duality.

Do not set your hopes on anything less than supreme beatitude.

This body is like a musical instrument; what you hear depends upon how you play it.

Where Rama is there is Arama (rest); Where Rama is not, there is byarama (discomfort, disease).

The One who is the Eternal, the true Self, He Himself is the traveler on the path of Immortality. He is all in all, He alone is.

Relative happiness, which is happiness depending on anything, must end in grief. It is man’s duty to meditate on God, Who is peace itself. Without having recourse to that which aids the remembrance of God there can be no peace.

The ceaseless, never-ending current of divine mercy and compassion ever flows forth; in that current one should bathe.

Try to learn the hidden language of the heart and you will be able to accomplish everything without words.

Real worship is of the heart.

A man should hold on only to the One as long as possible.

Accepting all conditions of life – whatever they be – as His gift abide in fortitude and do service.

Endeavor to keep your thought centered at all times on the divine Name or Form that appeals to you most. Let your mind be turned exclusively towards God – then, and then only, may you hope for peace.

Man must behave as a hero. During spells of misfortune he must abide in fortitude and patience. Time never stands still.

To live up to the highest ideals seems irksome at first, but ultimately brings real well being and peace.

It is our job to hold on to the One – to be directed to one aim, with one name, one meditation, one contemplation. We must make our faith firm.

If we stay with only one single desire, that of attaining God, all other desires become extinct.

If a man simply goes on repeating the Name (of God), unmindful of any other things, he is freed from the previously acquired tendencies and attains a new life.

Attachment cannot be gotten rid of by conscious efforts. An increase in longing for Him can alone expel all other attachments.

At all times gaze into the heights and keep on mounting. If you aim at what is low, you will sink down into the netherworld.

When Japa happens spontaneously, regardless of your intentions, it swells up from within making you oblivious to the external world and carries you irresistibly, as if on a wave, absorbed in its blissful flow.

Release from all anxiety is possible by concentrating on God.

When one’s desire remains unfulfilled, fruitless, to continue craving for the same thing and be disappointed time and again surely it is futile. So long as there is desire, the experience of want and sorrow is but natural.

Whatever you may desire that is of this ever-changing world will bring you sorrow, even though momentary happiness may be had at times.

Man may find himself in all kinds of surroundings, yet he must not allow himself to be driven hither and thither helplessly under their influence. It is his duty under all circumstances to preserve his individuality and strength of character intact. To drift with the current is easy enough, but to stand firm as a rock is difficult. He who is able to do this will keep his head without wave­ring even among a dozen people of different points of view and lines of approach. This surely is the attitude that befits a human being.

Try your utmost never to succumb to anyone’s influence. In order to become firm, calm, deeply serious, full of courage, with one’s personality wholly intact, pure and holy out of one’s own strength, one has to be centered in God.

What appears delightful to the senses later develops into a hotbed of poison, generating inner turmoil and disaster, for it belongs to the realm of death.

Worldly life is no doubt a battlefield. By becoming conscious of one’s spiritual wealth one must strive to emerge triumphant from the battle.

When you leave everything to Him Who is the Fountain of Peace, and then only may you hope for peace.

You are imperfect, something is lacking in you, this is why you feel the desire for fulfillment. ‘Body’ signifies— that which slips away, which is continually changing. If there is no want, no desire, then this kind of body that is ever in the process of perish­ing does not persist. Thus, after God-reali­zation one can no – longer speak of such a body for the Self stands revealed.

The Endeavour to awaken to his real nature is man’s duty as a human being.

The sense of want, does it not arise because the desired object is not obtained? When one’s desire remains unfulfilled to continue craving for the same thing and be disappointed time and again — surely it is futile. So long as there is desire, the experience of want and sorrow is but natural. Whatever you may desire that is of this ever-changing world will bring you sorrow, even though momentary happiness may be had at times. To seek THAT in which no sorrow is and all is found, is man’s sole duty.

Devote yourself to the study of books of wisdom and to satsang. Cherish the company of those who are helpful to your quest, avoid those who distract you. In other words, hold fast to the Good and shun the merely pleasurable. If you live in this spirit, the help you need will come to you naturally.

Either melt by devotion the sense of separateness, or burn it by Knowledge - for what is it that melts or burns? Only that which by its nature can be melted or burnt; namely the idea that something other than your Self exists. What will happen then? You come to know your Self.

Whatever image arises in your mind, that you should contemplate; just observe in what shape God will manifest Himself to you. The same form does not suit every person. For some, Rama may be most helpful, for some Siva, for others Parvati, and again for others the formless. He certainly is formless ; but at the same time, watch in what particular form He may appear to you in order to show you the way. Consequently, whichever of His forms comes into your mind, that you should contemplate in all its minute details.

Look, what is there in this world? Absolutely nothing that is lasting; therefore direct your longing towards the Eternal.

Pray that the work done through you, His instrument, may be pure. In every action remember Him. The purer your thinking, the finer will be your work.

In this world you get a thing, and by tomorrow it may be gone. That is why your life should be spent in a spirit of service; feel that the Lord is accepting services from you in whatever you do.

If you desire peace you must cherish the thought of Him.

Peace reigns where no coming exists and no going, no melting and no burning. Reverse your course, advance towards Him – then there will be hope of peace.

The word manus (man) itself gives the clue to what man should really be; a being who is self aware. Even if he has slipped and fallen, is it not his bounden duty to use a lever the very earth to which he has tumbled and raise himself up again? (Meaning of manus is 'Man' means mind and 'hus' means consciousness.)

As a man constant effort is the duty.

If he has not awakened to the consciousness of his own Self, what has he achieved? He has but wasted his life.

How many lives are frittered away, age after age in endless coming and going. Find out who you are!

Discover the significance of the round of births and deaths, its cause and where it leads!

When a man becomes a traveler on the path to his inner Being the distance that separates him from his Goal gradually vanishes. You will most certainly have to undertake this pilgrimage to immortality, trampling under foot hundreds and hundreds of obstacles and impediments. This is the kind of manliness that has to be awakened.

It is the will of the Almighty that prevails. By living in harmony with this will and becoming an instrument in His hands you should try to realize Him.

The lute of man’s short life is strung with so many strings; they have to be cut asunder. There is no real substance to these strings.

Be enduring as earth….divine life will be awakened in you.

Who is that loves and who that suffers? He alone stages a play with Himself… The individual suffers because he perceives duality…Find the one everywhere and in everything and there will be an end to pain and suffering.

You cannot find the Mother until the faith awakens in you that whatever the Mother does is all for the best of Her child.

Through breath energy, consciousness pervades matter. Everything that is alive breathes.

Learn to invoke Him unceasingly and with perseverance by repeating His Name until gradually He will fill your heart.

The one who is all pervading who is variously called parabrahman, paramatma or God, he verily belongs to all.

There is no case of the guru-shishya relationship if the shishya is not there. The Guru will only speak if the shishya is genuine and true.

Remember him who has created you. That is only alms I want from you.

– Anandamayi Ma

Story of a clump of earth which became a puja vessel – Sri Anandamayi Ma

The story of a clump of the earth which became a puja vessel. Originally it had been just an ordinary clump of earth on which people trampled and into which people dug with sharp spades. 
Later the earth was taken to a potter who kneaded it and put it on a potter’s wheel, turned it around, moulded it and fired it to make it hard and solid. Only then it was fit to be used as a puja vessel and sacred Ganges water poured into it. Similarly, human vessels have to be molded to become fit instruments for the divine spirit.