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God is within everyone – Anandamayi Ma

There is a great book of life. To one who has dived deep into it all truths of Science, philosophy and allied subjects never remain unexplored.

God is within everyone, but man goes out in search of Him. This is what constitutes God's Play and God's Creation.

I am ever present with you all, but you have little yearning to see me. What am I to do? Know it for certain I have my eyes fixed on what you do or fail to do.

You all love this body so much that you often come to see me, unmindful of the long distance that many of you have to travel. Yet, it is true that this body has no relationship with any of you except the kinship of the Atma which this body enjoys equally not only with each of you but even with all trees, creepers and the foliage around, as well as with rocks, mountains, and everything else.
– Anandamayi Ma