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Swathi Natchathiram 2022 Palangal Predictions Based on Tamil Astrology

Swathi Natchathiram Palangal 2022 for Tula Rashi born people. These predictions are based on Tamil astrology. As per Swathi natchathiram palan, January, February, March, June, November and December are good months in 2022. April and September 2022 will see both good and bad. May, July, August and October 2022 are bad months.

 Swati natchathiram pada 1 born Tula Rashi people will see change of fortune in career matters. You will make gains through self employment. Swati natchathiram pada 2 Tula Rashi born will be insulted by opposite sex. Problems in a relationship. Swati natchathiram pada 3 Tula Rashi born will get lucky in all aspects of life especially in money matters. Swati natchathiram pada 4 Tula Rashi will face health issues related to heart or kidney.

Undesired transfer. Trouble from colleagues. Those looking for a job will be lucky in this year. Your career will undergo changes due to modernization. Unexpected problems in career should be faced with courage and intelligence. Some trouble for self employed.

Gains from earlier investment. Progress through property deals. Loans will be approved. Loss or misplacement of documents or valuables. Gains from stocks and speculation. Wealth will be lost in gambling. You will receive large amount of money. You will buy new vehicle or costly products.

Students will perform well in exams. Admission for higher studies.

You will have problems with public. Your reputation might go for a toss. But it will be regained when truth is realized. Happy occasions in the family. Auspicious functions in the family. You will work had for children – they will be needing your help in various matters. You will have your desires fulfilled. Tension and some trouble regarding new birth in the family. You will venture into new areas for gaining knowledge. Your thirst for knowledge will increase. There will be peace and happiness in the family. Some trouble due to forgetfulness. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded. If you had followed truth, then this year you will reap its benefits. You will conduct death related rituals of family member after several years. Constant delay in important matters. You will stay away from home for long period.

Business people will have a good period. You will invest in new machinery. Loans will be approved. Money will be found for huge projects.

Marriage as per desire will be decided or held.

Problems during travels.

Success in legal matters.

Artists, actors and musicians will face stiff competition.

You will undergo therapies. Heath scare associated with kidney or heart will give you a scare. An old health issue will return to cause problems.