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Why We Should Develop A Positive Attitude Towards Failure?

Why it is necessary to develop a positive attitude towards failure?

One cannot really go through life without experiencing some kind of failure — failure in studies, in personal goals, in relationships, in business endeavors and so on. The inability to accept these failures leads people to give up their dreams, goals, and commitments. Some even develop psychophysical troubles and in extreme cases end their lives.

Failures are said to be the stepping-stones of success. But, truly for this to happen, we should first of all analyse threadbare and discover the root causes of failures in our undertakings, and secondly take steps to not repeat them. It calls for a reframing of our attitude towards failure.

An excellent example of a positive attitude towards failure is seen in the life of Thomas Alva Edison. When in his quest to invent a long-lasting electric bulb he had failed 5000 times, someone asked him if he would give up after so many failures. Edison is said to have replied, ‘I’ve not failed. I know 5000 ways in which an electric bulb cannot be made.’

Developing a positive attitude towards failure is very important in one’s spiritual journey. It is a tough journey which demands grit, perseverance and patience. Spiritual practitioners who are over-sensitive make a huge issue of their small moral lapses and sometimes even leave the path with a false sense of unworthiness. And if they continue on the journey, they do so with no strong hope of achieving their spiritual goals.

SourceVedanta Kesari October 2017 issue