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We Ignore Inner Emptiness By Outer Possessions

The main reason for inordinate desire for enjoying and possessing external things is the inner emptiness we feel. We somehow try to ignore this inner emptiness by outer possessions. We substitute the inner loss by outer gains. The main cause for this inner emptiness is the want of fulfillment. If our inner being is suffused with the sense of fulfillment, we do not hanker for external things; for name, fame, power, and position.

In fact, it is unwise to think that the inner emptiness can be filled by the possession of external things. Spiritual resources alone can do this. When we are in touch with this resource, inner emptiness will take to its heels. Then the loss and gain of external matters will not unsettle us.

To give an illustration, a reservoir remains full always, if the springs at the bottom are open and discharging water unceasingly. We cannot expect it to be full always by feeding it with water from outside.

Source - The Psychological Aspects of Spiritual Life by Swami Nityasthananda – From Prabuddha Bharata Feb 2016