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Knowledge Means Progressive Awareness Of Our Ignorance

The whole universe is a mystery and everything within it is mysterious. We cannot claim – rather it is presumptuous to do so – that we know fully about anything in this world. As we go on discovering, the mystery deepens. As we go on gaining knowledge, we become more and more aware of our ignorance.

Perhaps, it is not unreasonable, though paradoxical, to say that knowledge also increases our ignorance, and knowledge means progressive awareness of our ignorance.

The ignorance prior to knowledge is tamas, like darkness due to a low vibration of light, and the ignorance that follows knowledge is sattva, like darkness due to a high vibration of light.

Though we cannot know anything completely, still it is not wise to stop learning. The very attempt to know itself is immensely beneficial. Even though we cannot know fire in its totality, the knowledge that it burns is of great advantage to us.

Swami Nityasthananda 0f Sri Ramakrishna Mission