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Vettikkavala Sree Mahadevar Temple - Facts - Story Vathukkal Njali Kunju

Vettikkavala Sree Mahadevar temple, also known as Vettikkavala Mahakshetrangal, is located at Vettikkavala near Kottarakkara in Kollam district, Kerala. There are two temples here – Melottu kshetram with Shiva as main deity and Thazhe kshetram with Vishnu Bhagavan as the main deity.

Shiva is worshipped in a vatta sreekovil (circular sanctum sanctorum) and Vishnu is worshipped in a square sanctum (chatura sreekovil). The darshanam of Vettikkavala temple is towards east.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Nagam, Kazhuvudayan, Vasoorimala, Bhoothathan, Kochu Moorti and Vathukkal Njali Kunju.

There are two flag posts or kodimaram in the Vishnu temple.

As per local legend, the Shivling was accidentally discovered by a woman belonging to the hunter community. She was digging for native bulbs when she hit a Shivling under a Vetti maram (tree). Blood appeared on the Shivling and the temple was constructed on the spot.

The 10-day annual festival ends with arattu on Thiruvathira nakshatra in Kumbham month (Feb – March).

As per history, the temple belonged to Kottarakkara Rajavu. The temple was renovated by Sankaran Thambi during the reign of Sri Moolam Thirunal.

Vathukkal Njali Kunju Story

Vathilkal Njali Kunju goddess, the Upa Devata in the temple, is various famous. Black bangles, banana, oil, miniature cradle and milk are offered to this deity. The offerings are made for early cure for diseases affecting children and also for child birth in the family.

The story of Vathukkal Njali Kunju is heart wrenching. A namboothiri died soon after his marriage. To usurp his property, the elder brother of the namboothiri accused his wife who was pregnant of being unfaithful. She was thrown out of the house. The wife roamed around the place and gave birth to a baby girl on the banks of pond. After giving birth she jumped into the pond and killed herself.

An Oorali who came that way not knowing what had happened picked up the unusually brilliant baby and looked after it. The baby girl was given milk and banana daily by the Oorali woman. When she went for work, she put the baby in a swing. One day the rope of the swing got entangled on the neck of the baby and it died. This little girl became famous as Vathukkal Njali Kunju.

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