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Thrikkapalam Shiva Temple – Kadachira

Thrikkapalam Shiva Temple is located on the banks of the Anjarakandy River at Kadachira – near Peralassery – in Kannur district, Kerala. The temple is one among the 108 Shiva temples in Kerala. There are two Shivlings in the temple. One is swayambhu and other was consecrated by Parshuram avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu.

The two Shivling in the temple have separate sanctum sanctorum (sreekovil (s)). The darshanam of Thrikkapalam Shiva temple is towards east.

Shiva believed in the temple is believed to be the Dakshinamurti form.

As per history, Kottiyoor Temple stood in a land that was donated by Kottayam king to Kolathiri. The land was part of the Kottayam kingdom. Kottiyoor Shiva was the Upasana murti of the Thamburatti of Kolathiri Kovilakam. The Thamburatti was pained and saddened that the temple of her Upasana Devata was in another kingdom. It is said that the Thamburatti had a dream in which Shiva appeared and told her that he will arrive at Thrikkapalam temple from Kottiyoor temple. The next day an additional swayambhu Shivling was seen at Thrikkapalam temple.

The temple was initially controlled by Chirakkal Kovilakam. Later the temple came under the control of Kottayam kings. From them it was transferred to Peralassery Pothuval families. Currently the temple is managed by a committee formed by the local people.