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Dundubhi Story In Ramayana – Buffalo Demon Who Fought Vali

Dundubhi is a buffalo demon who fought Vali, monkey King, in the Ramayana. He was a mighty demon, as tall as Mount Kailash, with the strength of a thousand elephants, sharp horns and a fierce appearance.

With a formidable physical power, Dundubhi was arrogant and longed to fight against a worthy foe.

He first challenged Varuna, the God of the oceans, to fight. Varuna, knowing the enormous strength of Dundubhi, directed him to call Himavan, the God of mountains, to a fight.

Himavan, in turn, told him that Vali, the king of Kishkindha, would be a foeman worthy of his steel.

Dundubhi rushed to Kishkindha, and standing at the gates of the city, challenged Vali to a combat. Vali, wearing the golden necklace given to him by his great father, God Indra, fought ferociously. He seized Dundubhi by the horns, swirled him around, threw him down and finally crushed him to death. Vali then threw the lifeless body far away.

As the body was in the air, drops of blood fell near the hermitage of Sage Matanga. The sage, enraged by the pollution so caused to the sanctity of the place, cursed Vali that if he ever set food within the precincts of the hermitage, he would lose his life.

After the abduction of Sita by the demon king Ravana, the sorrow-stricken Rama and his brother, Lakshmana met Sugriva, having been told that Sugriva would be helpful to them. Sugriva assured to help Rama in searching Sita, provided he would kill Vali.

Sugriva then showed Rama the skeleton of Dundubhi which Rama effortlessly lifted with his toe and flung far away. This was a source of assurance to Sugriva that Rama had the strength and power to kill Vali.

Dundubhi had a son, Myavi, who was also killed by Vali in a fierce encounter.