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Kalpathoor Paradevatha Temple – Deity In The Temple Has No Name

Kalpathoor Paradevatha temple is located in Nochad village on the Perambra – Vadakara road in Kozhikode district, Kerala. The main deity or prathishta murti in the temple has no name. For this reason, the temple is also known as Kalpathur Idam.

The belief is the deity worshipped in the temple is Kirathamoorthy (Paradevata) and Bhagavathi is Kirati. Another belief is that the Paradevatha is vettakkorumakan. The murti of paradevata faces west. The vigraham of Paradevatha is carved out of jackfruit tree wood and is 5.5 feet tall.

The temple belongs to the 14th century CE.

The shrine is a classical example of Kerala style Hindu temple. The temple comprises of a Padippura on the East, a traditional two-storeyed Malika (edifice) on the South, two small Sreekovils and two namaskara mandapams in the middle of a Nalambalam and a Balikkalppura on the West. All of them have a tiled roof. The main Sreekovil has granite Adhishtana with laterite wall. Its Dwarapalakas are made out of wood and the Pranala is of usual ornate type with a Gana support on its tip.

Auspicious wooden carvings adorn the ceiling of the Balikkalppura of the Bhagavathi temple. The Eastern Padippura of this temple also carries fantabulous carvings of miniature figures on its ceiling. These figures are traditionally colored. A lot of scenes from Hindu scriptures are carved there on wood and this includes Sree Rama Pattabhishekam, Ananthasayanam, Siva Parvathi Parinayam and Palazhi Madhanam.

The temple first belonged to Brahmins later. Later it was under the control of Kalpathur Thulichale Puthiyedath Tharavadu, they were the local rulers of Kurumbra.

In ancient times an important offering in the temple was salt.

While the Puna Pratishta was taking place in the temple, Kunjikuttan Thampuran (1868 - 1914) , famous Malayalam poet and Sanskrit scholar, visited the temple and wrote a shloka in praise of the deity and it has been engraved on a stone here.