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Hanuman Beej Mantra – Benefits

The beej mantra of Bajrangbali Hanuman is the single letter used to represent all that is Hanuman. The Anjaneya Beej mantra has numerous benefits and should be used wisely and carefully with utmost devotion. Hanuman Beej Mantra is ‘Hum’ - हूँ। 

Chanting the mantra on Tuesday is considered highly auspicious. The person chanting the mantra should wear red or ochre color clothes. All offerings on the day should be of red color. All food offerings should be shared with a cow. The lamp should be lit using pure cow ghee. Offering prayers to Sri Rama and chanting Sunderkand on the day is highly beneficial.

The mantra should be chanted 108 times during sunrise.

Those seeking desire fulfillments will have it fulfilled after chanting the beej mantra.

Spiritual seekers will get opportunity to wash away ignorance and see the light of knowledge.

Those seeking moksha or liberation will be blessed with it.

The mantra can also be used as a protection mantra. It is good who have fear of darkness. It also helps in solving problems created by Shani or other grahas in the horoscope.

Please note that beej mantras are highly powerful mantras and they should not be used for fun or as tattoo or carelessly. It can create negative energy and untoward happenings in life. If you do not have belief in it just do not bother but using the mantra to mock and show that those believing in it are fools will lead to unimaginable problems.