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Eight Forms Of Goddess Kali

The eight forms of Goddess Kali is mentioned in the Todal Tantra (3/18-19). The eight forms are

  1. Dakshina Kali
  2. Siddha Kali
  3. Guhya Kali
  4. Sri Kali
  5. Bhadrakali
  6. Chamunda Kali
  7. Smashan Kali
  8. Maha Kali

In Siddha Kunjika, Goddess Kai has be worshipped only by the name of Bhadra.

It is believed that chanting the names of Kali 108 times in a day will help in getting desires fulfilled. All ailments related to neck are cured if the names are remembered 21 times.

The repetition of names before sleeping helps in overcoming fear and it will also drive away all hurdles.

Chanting the names on Tuesday or Friday during pradosh period 21 times helps in removing ignorance, drives away what is inauspicious and help in attainment of good.