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Ashtagandha In Hindu Puja – Ingredients – Uses – Ashtagandham In Kerala

Ashtagandha are eight ingredients that have sweet smell and used in Hindu puja. The eight ingredients are combined to create a thick liquid and it is used in Hindu pujas. The ingredients found in Ashtagandham in Kerala are different from other places. Today Ashtagandha is commercially available in powder form. It is made into liquid or paste and used in Hindu rituals.

Ashtagandha Ingredients

The general ingredients of Ashtagandha are Agar or Akil, chandan, gulgulu, manchi, kumkum, kottam, iruveli and ramacham.

When Ashtagandham is offered to Vishnu there is a slight change in the ingredients – chandan, akil, iruveli, kottam, kumkumam, ramacham, jadamanchi and muram are used.

When Ashtagandha is offered to Shiva the ingredients are chandan, akil, karpur, manchi, iruveli, kumkumam, ramacham and kottam.

When Ashtagandham is offered to Bhagavathi or Devi (Mother Goddess) the ingredients are chandan, akil, karpooram, kachooram, kumkumam, gorochana, jadamanchi and rakta chandan.

Ashtagandha Uses

  • Ashtagandha is burned to produce a smoke before the commencement of puja. This will clean the air.
  • It is believed that the smoke created by Ashtagandha will drive out Jyeshta Devi. If Jyeshta Devi or Moothevi or Chetta is present in a home, then Goddess Lakshmi will not reside in the place. Jyeshta who is the opposite of Goddess Lakshmi does not like clean and sweet smells.
  • Ashtagandha is also smoked to make the puja area smell nice. It also helps in driving out all negative energies.
  • It is also used for Shuddhi Kalasham or cleaning of murti or vigraham or bimbam worshiped in temple and homes.
  • Some Hindus wear Ashtagandha tilak on forehead and this helps in ushering in good luck, peace and prosperity.