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Loving Detachment - Based On Hindu Religion Teachings

Loving detachment post is based on Hindu religion teachings.

When you love someone by avoiding emotional involvement then it is loving detachment. This is true love as there is no expectation. There is no selfishness and there is no ego. There is also no attachment. Such a love can do wonders to the people involved.

He who practices loving detachment truly knows what love is.

Love becomes a burden when there is give and take. There should always a balance between give and take. If there is a slight imbalance then there will be outbursts. There will be fights and emotional problems.

When you practice loving detachment, there is no give and take.

There should be no conditions and contract when you love someone. It should be unconditional. You should simply love.

When you simply love without any conditions and expectations, you are attaining self-realization. You are merging with the universal soul. Such a love becomes the direct expression of the self. Such a person is becoming a representative of God on earth.

Love, which has no demands, keeps everyone happy. There are no fights. There is no possessiveness. There is no bondage. There is complete freedom. There is no suffocation. You need not take a break from such a love. Today, we see people going to distant places alone to take a break from relationships and family. The reason is the love in the family and relationship is based on conditions, expectations, and demands.

An individual can fully love only when there is complete freedom.

Love should be like the free-flowing river not like the water in the man made canal or dam. Love should not be suppressed and neither should it be forcibly contained or acted out to satisfy someone.

Emotional outbursts and depression are the results of conditional love. When the conditions are not met by the other person or when you are not able to fulfill the conditions there will be all kind of explosions in a relationship.

Love should be like the lotus in the water, it is in the water, yet it is also detached from the water.

When you love, let the love be total, complete and cent percent. There should be no refraining and hesitation in love.


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