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The Way We React To A Problem Is The Problem

The problem is not the problem but the way we react to the problem is the problem. Our inability to handle a problem causes difficulties and bad situations. When we remain calm and composed we can solve any issues without chaos.

Stop overreacting to problems and there will be no chaos in life.

React only when it is necessary. Do not get involved in all problems. Dodge some problems. Wait for some problems to settle down. Some problems solve itself over a period of time.

Let the hot iron rod cool itself and pick it up when it is ready to be picked up. Many problems are like iron rod.

Majority of our reactions are panicky; observe the problem wait and when we have understood it properly solve it. When we are panicky, our solutions will be wrong and it creates more complications.

You are driving smoothly on the road suddenly a bike overtakes from the left; you immediately react and move to right side of the road without looking. The vehicle coming from the right will hit you. In life when we react without thinking, we cause more troubles. Your response to any problem should be well thought of.

Life will not be always fair, just, appropriate and good. But through the right attitude we can make sure that our life is happy even when things are not so right.