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Seeing Dream Of Stars Meaning And Interpretation

Seeing stars in dream is very common for many people. As per Hindu science of dream interpretation, the meaning of dream of stars depends on the events that unfolded on the day. Here is the meaning and interpretation of seeing stars in dream.

Seeing lot of stars together is associated with progress and positivity. It is also a warning to shed all kinds of negativity and not to miss out on opportunities.

As per swapna shastra seeing stars twinkling or moving among stars is associated with desire fulfillment.

Seeing falling stars is a kind of warning for a person to accept reality and to move on. It is also a sign asking you to work hard not to wait for luck to change.

Seeing shooting stars or stars moving fast through sky is indication of an upcoming important change in life – it could be relationship or relocation.

Some people dream about stars after seeing movies, reading about stars or after stargazing etc. Dreams after such incidents have no value. The dreams have to happen naturally without any influence of day time events.