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Uchitta Bhagavathi – Story – Goddess Uchitta

Uchitta Bhagavathi is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti widely worshipped in temples in North Kerala especially in Theyyam rituals. She is associated with Mantravadam and Tantra. She is also known as Vadakinnel Bhagavathi. She is worshipped by pregnant woman for an incident free pregnancy period and for easy labor and childbirth.

Uchitta Bhagavathi – Story – Goddess Uchitta

Uchitta Bhagavathi Story

The most popular belief is that she is Yoga Maya who took the place of baby Krishna in the prison of Kamsa. When Kamsa attempted to kill her, she slipped from his hands and appeared in the sky predicting again the death of Kamsa at the hands of the eighth son of Devaki – Krishna. It is believed that she roared in the sky and therefore got the name Uchitta.

Another belief is that she is the daughter of Shiva.

As per another story once a spark emanated from Agni Deva (fire god in Hinduism) and it fell on the lotus in which Brahma was sitting. From the spark there appeared a beautiful woman on the lotus. On the request of Bhumi Devi she appeared on earth to protect her from the evil doers. As she is the daughter of Agni, she plays with fire and coal while performing Theyyam.

The goddess is also associated with Manthravadam in Kerala and therefore she resides in old Mantravadam Illams in Kerala including Kattumadam, Poothillam, Kalakattu etc.

The theyyam is usually performed in temples and old illams associated with mantravadam.

As the goddess is very beautiful the theyyam of hers is very beautiful.