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Municharya Panchakam Of Narayana Guru

Municharya Panchakam (The Way of the Recluse) was composed in 1916 after a visit to Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1916, obviously having the Maharshi in mind.

For the hermit whose attachments are gone,
His arm, makes it not for him a pillow?
The earth whereon his footsteps fall
Gaining sin-dispelling power,
Makes it not for him a couch?
 For such as he, what use of goods here?
Ever merged as his mind is in the verity of That thou art'
His bliss transcends inclusively all forms of joy.

Desireless as he is, for nothing ever asking,
Partaking of food brought to him by chance
The body just to sustain;
From all cares free, sleeping on the thoroughfare,
Ever immersed in the vision of the Self,
The hermit, attaining to the unity of life and Self-supreme,
He comes to his own state, radiant — everlasting —
Of Being-Knowing-joy.

In discourse the recluse excels,
But often restrained in words, he is seen here as one ignorant,
Wandering, sitting, or standing still;
Having once come to this changing body, sanctioned by time,
 He ever contemplates the state
Of Selfhood's uncut Consciousness supreme.
Outside the scope of what is spoken of as existing or non-existing,
As unthinkable, ungraspable, minute, not-short, stainless or supreme,
Immobile, erect, or most exalted,
He seeks to attain that all-fourth (turiya) state
Turning away from both this and that
As one who aims properly
To reach beyond both being and non-being.

Let him live in his own home, or in the forest,
Or at the water's edge — no matter —
With mind ever fixed in the Absolute
The Yogi ever dwells, seeing all here in terms of Selfhood;
 Like a mirage in a desert land.
He enjoys bliss, that Silent One
Contemplating that Absolute supreme which is beyond all compare.