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What Is The Reason Women Should Not Put Kondai Bun Fold Hair Do During Any Pooja Ceremony?

Kondai Bun fold hair is not allowed in many Hindu pujas. So, what is the reason women should not put kondai bun fold hair do during any puja ceremony?

Puja in Hinduism should be kept as natural as possible. Purity of mind and purity of body is very necessary to achieve the objective or success of any puja. Both men and women should attend puja after taking bath. They should perform the bath just before puja. It is unhealthy to create kondai bun fold using just washed hair.

Puja is not a fashion parade or beauty contest. A man and woman should present themselves naturally for a puja.

Man and woman are considered purusha and prakriti or Shiva and shakti in all puja. Prakriti is never tied down she constantly flows. It is her constant movement that keeps life moving ahead. And the best way Prakriti is represented in pujas is through women. The flowing hair symbolizes the constant movement of nature.