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Real Solution To Problems

There is no permanent solution to worldly problems as they are created by human beings. The problems keep changing and there is no end to it. All problems are associated with the body and the body is impermanent. Due to ignorance we all the body to be governed by fear, lust, anger, greed, and the other powerful emotions. It is these emotions that wreak havoc in our life by creating problems after problems. 

If we seriously wish to find solutions to our problems, then we should find out what we are, what life is, what is my source and for that we have only to look within. 

We suffer in this world because of the false identification of the body and sense organs with the soul. All problems and suffering cease to exist the day man realizes that he is unaffected by Time and that he is not the body.

Cosmic illusion or Maya can be wiped out only through destroying the desire for sense objects. Follow Dharma by doing all acts as an offering to the Supreme Truth.

We need to learn to be content to let this body experience whatever destiny has in store for it without fear and desires.

The ego endlessly pulls us from one burning desire to another. We need to learn to block this ego. The real solutions to our problems can be found only when we can extinguish the forest fire of desires. And this can happen only when we can differentiate between the real and unreal.

Meditate upon the Supreme Truth that is present in each cell in the human body and in all animate and inanimate. Know that Supreme Truth to be the creator, omnipresent, free from all defects and the treasure trove of knowledge. Liberation is only possible by knowing that Supreme Truth. And that there is no difference between you and that supreme truth. You are the Supreme Truth.