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Simple Sri Ram Mantra For Prosperity

‘Ram Naam’ the name of Bhagavan Sri Ram contains numerous hidden powers. It is not easy for an ordinary individual to understand the greatness and glory of the Ram Mantra. Here is a simple Bhagavan Sri Ram Mantra and it helps in the improvement of life and prosperity.

The mantra is:
श्री रामचन्द्राय नमः
Sri Ramachandraya Namah:

Simple Sri Ram Mantra For Prosperity

The mantra is so powerful that it helps a person to come out happy even from the greatest of problem in life. Only condition is that the man should follow Dharma. You commit sins after sins and then seek help from Bhagavan, he is not going to grant it.

The mantra can be chanted anywhere and at anytime. You need not wait for any occasion. Chant it whenever you feel you need the guidance and help of Bhagavan Sri Ram.

When we realize that Ram resides in our heart, we will be blessed with virtue, prosperity and peace. This opens the doors of self-realization and moksha (liberation).