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It Is Our Desires That Rob Our Peace

We lose our peace of mind from the day we are controlled by our desires. And sadly this happens early in life and it continues till we die. As we die with desires, we are reborn again and again.

Desires rob us of our peace of mind while living on earth and it creates all sorts of troubles. But we do not realize it and we keep running after desires. Net result is that we are constantly in turmoil. Hardly did we get a desire fulfilled that another one has risen in the horizon.

To fulfill these desires we are forced to do lot of unwanted actions. Every action creates karma. These karmas creating accumulating. Finally, we end up in a maze created by desires and we do not know the exit. We do not know how to solve the maze and is reborn again and again in it in different forms – the cycle continues.

Desires harm our past, present and future.

One reason for desires overpowering and controlling us is because we are always searching for joy in the outside world. We are ready to take happiness from wherever we can get it easily.

Actually happiness is there both in spiritual life and materialistic world. But we want the easiest happiness and therefore we choose the materialistic world. The happiness from spiritual life does not affect our senses. It is something hard to find. But once found it is permanent. Happiness in the materialistic world is related to the senses and they have a short life. But they are easily available.

There is no end to desires in the materialistic world. There are innumerable things in the world that we want to possess. That our senses want to enjoy.

To accomplish our desires we plan, brood, pray, work hard, lie, trick, steal, borrow, think again and again, try different methods, pujas for change of luck… We accomplish some but many remain unfulfilled.

As a result of this, health and relations suffer. Side effects of unfulfilled desire include depression, various ailments especially heart attack and high blood pressure.

We have created hell here on earth for us – thanks to our uncontrollable desires.

Now we hope at least in next life we will have our desires fulfilled. And we carry desires to our next life too. The vicious cycle continues.

Lucky are those who just do their work – then go home contemplate and sleep. They accept whatever God has given them. They do not ask for more. They are happy wherever they are. Such people make heaven on earth.

Abhilash Rajendran