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Hindu God Sri Siddhanath In Maharashtra And Kala Bhairava

In Maharashtra, the Kala Bhairava worship took the form of Sri Siddhanath cult. There are various stories of how Kala Bhairava worship reached Maharashtra. According to one version a demon named Kalasur resided at Kolhapur. He disrupted religious ceremonies around the region, particularly at Tuljapur.

Saints and devotees of the region prayed to Adimaya Mahashakti to save them from Kalasur. She advised them to approach Kala Bhairava, the Kotval of Kashi.
To help the devotees and saints, Kala Bhairava came to Maharashtra and killed the demon. Immensely pleased Bhavani Mata of Tuljapur honored him with the epithet of Siddhanath.

After destroying demon Kalasur and his lieutenants, Bhairava went to Patal Lok on a horse. Shesha, the king of serpents, welcomed him. His daughter, Jogeshwari, fell in love with Kala Bhairava. On the request of King of serpents Kala Bhairava agreed to marry his daughter. Their marriage took place at Mhaswad.

Meanwhile Bhairava killed several demons including demon Suvarnasur of Sonari. Devotees constructed a temple in his honor at Mhaswad. A number of festivals are held at the temple including Ratha Yatra and marriage ceremony of Siddhanath and Jogeshwari.