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Sex Is Natural And Not A Sin In Hinduism

Sex thoughts are natural and do not try to suppress them in the name of religion and spirituality. Sanatana Dharma does not negate the pleasure from physical intimacy. Sex is an important aspect of life on earth as per Hinduism. Hindu religion does not consider sex as sin. And stop taking permission and advice from religion regarding sex.

There are some Gurus who give this teaching – look only at the feet of a woman. Guess, these Gurus have not heard about foot fetish. No idea as to what advice they give to a woman regarding where to look.

Please do not listen to such Gurus because they are asking you to suppress a natural urge. You will either become depressed or a sex addict or end in the mental asylum.

The most beautiful thing in this world is falling in love and making love to your partner. You become complete then. You are becoming Shiva and Shakti – Krishna and Radha. In the heights of natural lovemaking, you become totally unaware of duality. You merge in the Supreme.

Thanks to false religion, fake education and society, we are not supposed to discuss sex. A boy and a girl cannot have a healthy relationship. However, popular media dish out sex indirectly 24X7. There are cheap and vulgar sex jokes. Vulgar and double meaning songs – a 5-year-old child proudly sings on national television with parents and relatives encouraging. Dance moves enacting sex poses. There is sexual perversion everywhere. We sell sex openly and behind the doors. Sex is used indirectly to sell almost all products. Young children are introduced to sex directly and indirectly through various means. We have everything in the open and behind closed doors associated with sex except pure natural lovemaking.

We are bombarded with sex 24X7 and our Gurus and religions want us to look only at the feet of a woman.

Media, society, gurus, teachers, and religion are making a sexual pervert out of us. Because it works to their advantage. We become vulnerable and sick and then they can take advantage of us.

The best way not to knowingly or unknowingly become a sexual pervert is to become a freethinking individual.

Think and grow by expanding your mind. Read scriptures. Read good books and articles there is no dearth of them in the age of the internet. Only you need to know where to look for them. Read and understand them. Then make a decision like an individual. There is no spiritual sex and religious sex. Do not mix sex and God.

Anything in excess will cause ill health. Just because we like chocolate, if we eat too much of it, we are going to fall sick. Similarly, if we are obsessed with sex we are going to become sick. If we think 24X7 only about it then you develop this great expectation and you end up in disappointment. See sex just as part of life just like eating, drinking, sleeping.

First and foremost you need to find a good partner with whom you can discuss anything under the sun – this includes sex and the act. Please find a partner who does not think sex is sin – the population of this kind of people is on the rise.

Find a true partner, not a submissive or subdued partner. Not a person who just simply nods the head; or is forced by some reason or the other to become your partner. Everything has to be mutual. Just because you love someone, you cannot force your love on the person. So find a person who loves you and whom you love.

Do not see your partner as a sex object. Physical pleasure is short lived and if you are falling in love just for that then your life is going to be a hell after those few seconds.

Know that filmy love and real life love is different. Do not try to imitate filmy heroes and heroines. They themselves are in a sexual mess. They will sell anything to survive.

Stop taking sexual advice. If you are pure, then you will get to know sex naturally. But if you are sexually corrupted, then you will end up making a mess. You will do everything in sex, except the real lovemaking.

Indulge in passionate lovemaking; drop the ‘I’, in true lovemaking the ‘I’ drops automatically.

Just as you cannot define God, real lovemaking cannot be defined. Words cannot capture it. You cannot express it. You can only feel it. You can only experience it.