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Eknathi Bhagavat – Commentary on Bhagavad Purana in Marathi

Eknathi Bhagwat was written by Sant Eknath during the 16th century. It is the Marathi commentary on the eleventh book of Bhagavad Purana. Written in lucid poetic form called ovi, the book contains 19,000 ovis.

Legend has it that Sant Eknath’s son was not impressed by his father writing the commentary in Marathi. He wanted it to be written in Sanskrit. But Sant Eknath corrected his son by saying that Marathi was the language of the common people and through it Krishna bhakti will reach more people.

It is also said that when Eknath completed the first five chapters of the book he took it to Kashi to get the approval of learned pundits. They were satisfied and asked him to present it before Shiva. It is said that Shiva held it as the best commentary.

The Bhagavad Dharma is elaborately explained in Ekanathi Bhagavat.

Some of the observations in Eknathi Bhagwat:
Bhakti alone makes a devotee sinless and pure enough to obtain the supreme love of Krishna.
Krishna helps his bhakta by giving them buddhi yoga to attain paramabhakti of Krishna.