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Qualities of Lord Rama

The qualities of Bhagavan Sri Ram are found in the opening chapter of the Valmiki Ramayana.
  • He is self-controlled in his soul and immensely valorous.
  • He knows about Dharma and what has been done.
  • He is truthful in his words and firm in his vows.
  • He possesses good conduct and is engage in the welfare of all creatures.
  • He is learned and capable.
  • He is the handsome one.
  • He is eloquent, famous and full of learning.
  • He has control over his own self and has conquered anger.
  • He is radiant and is devoid of jealousy.
  • When his anger is aroused in a battle, even the Devas are scared of. He is the destroyer of enemies.
  • He is radiant, possesses fortitude and is capable of controlling.
  • His intelligence is unparalleled and follows good policy.
  • He is firm in adhering to the truth and is devoted to the welfare of the subjects.
  • He is pure, controlled and has restrained himself.
  • He knows the truth of the Vedas and Vedangas and is skilled in Dhanurveda.
  • He knows the truth about all the sacred texts.
  • He is resplendent and has knowledge of the smriti texts.
  • He is virtuous and is loved by all the people.
  • He can discriminate and is not distressed in his soul.
  • Just as all rivers head towards the ocean, all virtuous people approach him.
  • He is noble and impartial towards everyone.
  • Lord Rama in his gravity is like the ocean.
  • In patience, Bhagavan Sri Ram is like the Himalayas.
  • He is like Vishnu in valour.
  • He is like the fire of destruction that brings to an end of a cycle of creation.
  • In generosity, he is like the god of riches Kubera.

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