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Why Adhika Masam Is The Best Month For Spiritual Purposes?

For all kinds of spiritual and devotional purposes Adhika Masam is the best month.

Once upon a time, Adhika Masam came to this world. Every one took this month as the most inauspicious. It was constantly cursed and rejected by everyone as an improper time for any auspicious activities.

Being rejected by the human beings, Adhika Masam became very sad. She came to Vaikunta to explain her sorrowful condition to the Lord.

Seeing Lord Vishnu on His throne, she fell down at His lotus feet in a mood of depression and grief. Tears were falling profusely from her eyes. She prayed to the Lord, “Oh! Ocean of Mercy! I have come to You because I am helpless. I have been rejected and cursed by the people of the world. Please protect me and shower mercy on me.”

Saying these words, the Adhika Masam continued crying in front of Lord Vishnu and sat down before Him in a dejected mood. Lord Vishnu became merciful towards her.
He told her, “Do not lament, I shall give you protection from all of your miseries. It is not proper to lament after taking My shelter”.

I shall make you just like Me in quality, fame, opulence, realization, success and in giving benediction to the devotees. I bestow all of My divine qualities on you. Named after Me, you will become famous as Purushotham month in this world.

You have imbued My qualities, I Myself will become the husband and protector of this Purushothama month. You will be the master of all other months.

You will be adored by one and all. Everyone should pay their devotion and respect to you. Everyone should worship you. This month is equally as powerful as Me to give any type of benediction to its observer. He who worships this month will be able to burn all his sinful reactions to ashes, and after enjoying a blissful life in the material world, he will return to the Supreme Godhead.

“An unfortunate ignorant man, who does not perform any ‘japa’, does not give any charity, does not pay respect to Lord Krishna and His devotees, does not behave properly to the spiritually endowed, makes enmity with others and who disrespects the Purushotham month will go to Hell for an unlimited period.”

A person who is fully engaged in sensual gratification and does not give any special importance to this sacred month will go to Hell.

All human beings should perform some devotional service in this Adhima masam by worshipping the Lord, by chanting His holy name, by studying the Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad-Gita, particularly the 15th chapter called Purushothama Yoga, giving charity and offering a ghee lamp daily.

A fortunate person who follows My instructions and observes this Purushothama month properly, and in a faithful way worships Me will attain fame, opulence and a dutiful son in this life. After enjoying a happy life, he will return to Goloka. By following My instructions, everyone should worship this sacred month. I have made it the best among all other months.”