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Story – Why Sesame Oil Is Offered To Shani Bhagavan? - Reason For Offering Til Ka Tel

The most important offering to Shani Bhagavan is Til Ka Tel or Sesame Oil. The story of the origin of the use of til oil is associated with Hanuman. The story happened several years after the departure of Bhagavan Sri Ram from earth. Chiranjeevi Hanuman was meditating near Ram Sethu. He had become very old.

Shani Bhagavan now arrived at the place. But Hanuman did not notice him as he was completely immersed in his meditation. Shani considered this as arrogance and got into an argument with Hanuman.

Story – Why Sesame Oil Is Offered To Shani Bhagavan? -

Hanuman told Shani several times that he was not interested in having any argument and he should be left alone. Filled with ego, Shani told Hanuman that he rules wherever he goes and he gets respected in all places. All living beings fear him.

Hanuman told Shani that it is time for his parikrama of Ram Sethu and he is not interested in fighting Shani. Shani now attempted to attack Hanuman. Hanuman elongated his tail and caught him in it. Hanuman then proceeded for this circumambulation of Ram Sethu.

Shani who was hanging from tail got bruised as he got hit on the rocks. Hanuman purposefully hit him on the rocks. Shani was completely injured. Blood gushed out from his body. Finally, Hanuman ended his Parikrama.

Shani then asked for forgiveness. Hanuman agreed to release him if he promised to not to trouble his devotees. Hanuman then offered Til Ka Tel or Sesame Oil to Shani to apply on the wounds. Shani was happy with this offer.

Shani then told Hanuman that whoever offers him Til Kal Tel would never face any trouble related to the bad positioning of Shani. From that day onwards people started offering Sesame oil to Shani Bhagavan.