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Importance Of Goal In Life

It is very important to have a goal in life. But that goal should be set by you independently without fear and coercion. Listen only to your heart before setting the goal.

When you have a goal in life it brings focus. You know when and where you need to reach.

There is no age to set goal in life.

But once you set a goal you need to have single-minded focus.

Always remember the goal is not important. What is important is each moment you spend in reaching in reaching the goal. When you are completely honest to each moment in your life, you will automatically reach the goal.

Chennakeshava Temple Belur Sculpture - Pure Poetry In Stone
Greatness Of Hinduism

Swami Chinmayananda On Importance Of Goal In Life

Knowledge by itself cannot train the mind. Recall Shankara’s analogy of the donkey and the golden bricks it carries. Human vitality or Dynamism of the youth has to have a direction.

Dynamism is not only to be generated’ it should also be conserved. It is like building a dam in a river. Each one of us is a river of dynamism. You may call it ‘mind.’

Generating, conserving and directing that dynamis is like the dam building activity on a flowing river. This dynamism of life is not to be dissipated. Great men conserved their vitality and did not allow themselves to be dissipated.

Failures of ordinary men are only due to either the non-use or mis-use of dynamism. The generation of dynamism is maximum when you can give yourself a goal.

Do not keep that ideal very low. Sustain your dynamism. You need not reach the goal but keep it tantalizingly high. Vibrant living to reach that goal is worth its own fulfillment.