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Story Of Indrakeeladri – Mountain - Temple Of Goddess Kanaka Durga

As per the popular story, Indrakeeladri mountain the abode Goddess Kanaka Durga (the temple is located atop the Indrakeeladri mountain) has taken its name after a ‘yaksha’, an ardent devotee of Goddess Parvati.

Legend has it that Keela, the ‘yaksha’, had observed rigorous tapas and appeased the goddess. As boon he asked Mother Goddess to be in his heart forever.

Goddess Shakti assured him it would become a reality in Satya Yuga after she killed the demon Mahishasura in the form of Durga. She asked him to assume the form a mountain on the banks of holy Krishna River and she would be seated on it to grace the devotees.

In Satya Yuga, Mahishasura, who terrorized all living beings on earth, on the boon strength of the boon of invincibility, fought a pitched battle with Goddess Durga. She overpowered and killed him and ever since the mountain became the abode of Durga, who wears a shining armor and beautiful crown.

Goddess destroyed demons Shumba, Nishumba, Sarabasura, Mahishasura and others taking forms of Ugrachandi, Bhadrakali and Durga. True to her world, she adorned the mountain of Keela as Her abode.

The mountain visited by gods and goddesses from all the 14 planets, including Indra loka, has come to be known as Indrakeeladri.