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Ganesha In Tantrism – Tantra Ganapati

Ganesha is an important deity in Tantrism. Ganapati is worshipped by Tantrics according to their left handed rituals, Vamachara. Information about Tantra Ganapati is found in Kularnava Tantra and Mahanirvana Tantra.

In Kularnava Tantra, Ganesha is called Gajamukha.

The Mahanirvana Tantra says that Ganesha should be meditated upon as one having red complexion, three eyes, and crescent of moon on the head and pot of honey in his trunk. He has four hands, one in abhaya-hasta-mudra and in other three he is holding conch, noose and hook.

Left-handed shaktas (vamacharis) have given more importance to Ganapati than Shiva-Parvati.

Lakshmi is the Shakti or consort of Tantra Ganesha.

There are five forms of Shakta or Tantra Ganesha. They are Ucchista Ganpati, Urdhva Ganpati, Pingal Ganpati, Maha Ganpati and Lakshmi Ganpati.

Navanita Ganpati, Santan Ganpati, Swarna Ganapathi and Haridra Ganpati are mentioned in some Tantric texts.

In Shankara Digvijaya of Anandatirtha, ascribed to the 10th century AD, it is stated that Shakta devotees of the cult of Ucchishta Ganapati perform the worship of the Ganesha image with left hand, do not observe caste system.

It is believed by tantrics that no siddhi, or occult power, is possible unless one appeases Vinayaka.

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