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Manjunatha Shiva – Information About Hindu God Manjunatha Swamy

Manjunatha is a form of Hindu God Shiva worshipped mainly in Shiva temples in Karnataka. Legend has it that Shiva first appeared in the form before Lord Parashuram. As Manjunatha Swamy, Shiva is the god of beauty and art.

Two of the most famous temples dedicated to Manjunatha are located at Dharmasthala and Kadri in Karnataka.

Manjunatha Meaning

‘Manju’ means snow and ‘Natha’ means lord. Since Shiva lives in Kailash covered by the snows and as he is the lord of the snow-covered mountains, he is known as Manjunatha.

Story Of Manjunatha Shiva

Lord Parshuram after annihilating the Kshatriyas wanted to settle in a peaceful region on earth. He prayed to Shiva for this. Shiva then asked him to create a piece of land by throwing is axe. Shiva then promised Parashuram that he would appear as Manjunatha and settle in the land for peace and development.

Today, daily thousands of devotees visit various Manjunatha shrines in Karnataka.