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Proud Hindu – Varaha Murti At Rani Ki Vav In Patan - Sculpture Of Boar Incarnation Of Vishnu

You might have seen the picture of Varaha Murti sculpture at Rani Ki Vav in Patan in Gujarat. But if you take a close look in detail at the sculpture you will be mesmerized and amazed. Any Hindu will be proud that our great ancestors could create such wonderful sculptures.

The murti is surrounded by 9 sculptures – they along with Varaha Murti forms the Dashavatar or ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. This ornamental ring around the sculpture of Hindu gods and goddesses is known as Prabhavali or Prabha Mandala. It is sometimes in the form of fire or any insignia related to the deity.

Bhudevi is touching affectionately the face of Varaha (Vishnu). Mother Earth was drowned (symbolically Adharma or evil overpowering goodness on earth). Varaha carries Mother Earth on his elbow.

Panchajanya Shankh – The same arm also holds Shankh (Conch) which when sounded by Vishnu signifies the end of Adharma and beginning of Dharma.

Kaumodaki Gada – Symbol of Vishnu’s dominance of all that is Adharmic. Mace or Gada symbolizes protection of Dharma.

Sudarshana Chakra – The symbol of cycle of birth and death. Also represents protection of Dharma.

Katyavalambita mudra – Katyavalambita or katisamasthita hasta or mudra is the posture of ease. The left hand is held by the side of the body resting on the thigh. It perhaps indicates the easiness with which he overpowered the demon Hiranyaksha.

Alidam – the pada mudra. Vishnu standing tall on earth. The right leg on earth.

Patala Loka – Bhudevi was rescued from the netherworld or patala loka. The residents of the patala loka are nagaraja and nagayakshi. They offer their prayers to Lord in Anjali Mudra. Vishnu's right leg is on top of earth.

The small canopy atop of Varaha is a prime example of Hindu architecture. The delicate carving has been standing for centuries. This is when even a small good modern construction does not survive more than 20 years.

The Varha murti and its ornaments. The delicate ornaments on Varha murti are a testimony to the heights that Indian sculptural art had attained.

If you would like to view a very high resolution image of Varaha Murti At Rani Ki Vav you can see it here.  (the image size is 5.9 MB)