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Life need not always be excellent – It is normal and natural to be average

The quest for flawless, the best, has dehumanized us. What makes life beautiful is the human frailty – the small mistakes. But the pursuit of perfection has made us believe that human frailty is bad and accepting or having frailty is gravely wrong.

When we accept human frailty, it means that we are ready to go with the flow.

Life need not always be excellent. It is normal and natural to be average.

Why waste all good things in life to achieve what is great and super.

All these gadgets, silly media and the stories of the super rich have made life complicated and hectic.

Today, if we come across someone who is happy just letting things be then we tend to think that there is some problem with the person. Actually, the problem is not with the person but it is with those who think that life cannot be really simple.

We make life tiring by taking all kinds of loans for our desire fulfillment. Then there is job pressure, family pressure and social pressure. We invite all these into our life as part of our desire fulfillment.

To have a calm and unperturbed life stop caring about what others will say and think about you.

The rat race that starts from school wants everyone to dream big, stand out and achieve something big. Why cannot there be respect and acceptance for people who are content with what they are.

Follow your passion with utmost dedication and determination, instead of joining the rat race and dreaming big or following someone successful.

No human can run endlessly after excellence. The speed and trying to do everything fast will one day crash them. There will be no getting up then.

If you are passionate about something, you will never be tired. You journey will be happy and there will good fruits in the end not the sour soulless fruits.