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Chakra Mudra Worn By Devotees Of Lord Vishnu

Chakra mudra is the body markings worn by Lord Vishnu devotees. The body markings are applied with gopichandana or a ball of yellow clay. The clay is rubbed on the palm of the left hand with water to form a watery paste and then applied. The paste is applied curved or straight lines moving upwards (rarely downwards).

Chakra mudra is worn on the stomach, five in the center and two on the right side. On the chest, three in the center and three on the right side. On the shoulder, three on the right and one on the left. On the neck, one in the center of the neck, one on the right side of the neck, and one near the right eye. In total, twenty mudras and said to liberate a person from the world.

Adopting mudra is not mere convention. These markings ward off sins and make a the devotee pure for subsequent rituals and meditations. The religious significance of mudras are explained in Krishnamrita Maharnava, Sadachara Smriti and Tantrasara (samagraha) of Madhvacharya.

Some mudras are only followed by the Madhwa school – followers of Madhvacharya.