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Story Of Samba – Son Of Krishna

Samba was the son of Sri Krishna and his wife Jambavati. The story of Shamba is found in the Puranas and Mahabharata. He was responsible for the annihilation of the Yadavas and the death of Lord Krishna.

Samba was a very powerful and strong warrior. He had single-handedly defended Dwarka when the city was attacked by the army of King Shalva.

He was in love with Lakshmana, daughter of Duryodhana. He had abducted her from the Swayamvara ceremony but was captured by Duryodhana and the Kauravas. Balarama, the brother of Sri Krishna, rescued them and brought to Dwaraka.

When Dwapara Yuga was coming to an end, Sri Krishna decided to put an end to his avatar. Soon Dharma (righteousness) started disappearing and it was replaced by Adharma.

The Rishis realized what was happening on earth and decided to pay their respect to Sri Krishna. Rishis led by Vishwamitra, Narada, and Kanva reached Dwarka.

Accidently, the Yadavas found out that the sap of Kadamba tree is intoxicating. They started drinking it. After drinking it the Yadavas, who were into merrymaking and wanton lifestyle, dressed up Samba as a pregnant woman and decided to mock the Rishis. They approached the rishis and asked them whether the woman would give birth to a girl or boy.

The Rishis could not tolerate the behavior of the Yadavas and cursed them that he would give birth to an iron pillar which would destroy the Yadava clan.

Samba soon gave birth to an iron pillar. King Ugrasena asked the iron pillar to be powdered and thrown into the sea.

But the powder reached the shores and turned into iron reeds and which eventually led to the death of the Yadavas. A piece of the iron pillar was used to make the tip of the arrow which killed Sri Krishna.

Samba too died during the same period.

Some scholars state that when the end of Dwaraka city came, Samba was afflicted with leprosy and went to Mulasthana (present day Multan in Pakistan). Here he worshiped Surya, the sun god, and was cured.