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Shravan Food – Food Eaten In Shravan Month – Food Items Not Eaten In Shravan Vrat

Hindus give special importance to what is eaten during the Shravan month (July – August). There are many usual food items that are not eaten during Shravan Vrat. Shravan mahina vrat is of great significance of Hindus around the world. Here is a look at food eaten and not eaten in Shravan Month

Food Not Eaten In Shravan Month

  • Meat, alcohol, onion and garlic (मांस, मदिरा, प्याज और लहसुन) are not eaten in this month. It is believed that these food items create passion and leads a person to lead unprincipled life. As Shravan is a holy month and people remains spiritual these food items are avoided.
  • All kinds of leafy vegetables are avoided (साग और अन्य हरी पत्तेदार सब्जियों). This is because most leafy vegetables are contaminated due to the heavy rain.
  • Brinjal (बैंगन)is also avoided in this month as it is attacked by insects.
  • Milk and curd is also avoided in this month by many staunch Hindus as it cause imbalance in the body and causes trouble to Vata.
  • Digestion is poor during the period therefore oily and heavy food items are avoided.

Food Eaten During Shravan Month

  • Fruits like apple, banana, mango and jamun (केला, सेब, आम और जामुन).
  • Various gourds like Loki and turai, and tomato (लौकी, तुरई और टमाटर)  are eaten during the period. It easily digests.
  • Old rice, moong, arhar, wheat and corn (पुराने चावल, मूंग, अरहर, गेहूं और मक्का) are eaten in the month.
  • Eating Harad (हरड़) in the month helps in overcoming all kinds of diseases.